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For their "Theatreminiature" David Weber-Krebs and Alexander Schellow let the spectator sit alone in a theatre-space. The "other" i.e. the performer, is absent.

I sit alone in a room and look at a video-projection. Like a lonely movie spectator. I get conscious of myself; I look around and not only at the screen. There is text and there is image, but I need something more. I need communication, and I seek someone else. I once look behind me, my eyes search behind the cloth: there is only darkness. I miss pieces of text, I try to remember what I have read while I continue searching. My quest is rewarded. Suddenly a man appears. He seems to make a step in front and I see him. He had been there all the time, perhaps he could see me but I couldn't see him. Now I see him well and I perceive him. His presence feels good. He does nothing, he says nothing. But I'm no more alone, I can again look quietly at the pictures, read the texts. From time to time my observation oscillates in between him and the screen, but I do not anymore make pressure on me. I don`t need to think of myself: there is someone else. I experience the presence of a performer.

Jochem Naafs, The present performer, in blog playful performance, 2006