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Hey David and Alexander,

Just a quick reply on your request to write something about the miniature. I will, although with a touch of ambivalence. I have very much enjoyed the talk and tour and video installation, and it stayed with me for a long time. But most of all, I think, it was because of the invisibility and intimacy of the project, which was so well imbedded within the melancholic context of a deserted building. This is what gave me a very genuine, direct, one on one experience. So, out of respect for you and the project I will write about it, but not without thinking that this will not transcend the actual happening and eventually might '''harm''' the powerful paradox of creating an 'invisible' event.

So, keep me updated about dates etc. Can I write in Dutch and have it translated? And practically, as I am a slow writer who needs time and concentration, it would be nice if there was something in return, either in budget or in an exchange dinner or so. When I had had my show in De Appel last year, we had a round up dinner with all people involved and that worked wonderful.


An email from Arnoud Hollemann (04.05.2009).