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"Perhaps this fog will make you successful again and give some meaning back to your life. But this fog won’t make me fall in love with you."

"Wait until the movie is finished."


"Wait until the movie will be a big success."

"Anyway I can’t identity with this fog."

(Robert Woelfl – text script miniature Berlin-Version)


Alexander Schellow and David Weber-Krebs began their collaboration during the Steirischer Herbst/Graz in 2006 where they developed the first miniature model. Since then they have staged various versions of this project in Utrecht, Berlin, Leuven and Amsterdam, adapting them to various situations and contexts, such as the temporary nomadic life of De Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam.

Miniature creates an experience initiating minimalistic and intimate constellations that are presented live for a single spectator. He/she lives an exclusive and unique situation that plays with expectations and perceptions of his/her immediate physical environment. Are you alone in a dark room, watching a film? Are you watching a performance without performer? Who is your interlocutor on the phone? The oscillation and overlapping of the genres of cinema, theater and performance lead the spectator step-by-step into a motivating, sometimes peculiar and in any case insecure situation. Miniature is a structure that develops its potential from version to version adapting itself to the different locations and contexts it is placed in. Be it in an almost dark room or on a walk, the process always has the same aim: to provide a new visibility to the rooms in which the miniature occurs by means of interaction and apperception. Miniature invites, seduces and bewilders with a multitude of forms. The ambiguous relationship with the “other” and with the “self” offers a canvas of reflection for the memory and the stability of a given space and its time.

With their structurally elaborate setup where minimalistic means meet a multi-layer space, Schellow and Weber- Krebs implement an artistic course of action that the philosopher Gilles Deleuze outlined in his book The Fold. Deleuze advises to settle in between two genres of art "to attain a unity of arts as ‘performance,’ and to draw the spectator into this very 'performance'.” In the architecture of baroque he discovers an “operative function” which creates and unfolds endless folds. These are antagonistic incidents, which annul the usual differentiation between figure and ground, thereby creating a “soft space.” The baroque fold widens the perception of surface. Folds provided movement to the convention of central perspective and played with the blurrings of the human eye. The artists have found a medial platform for this geometric unsharpness: the grey images in the main film depict mist, an established metaphor in the history of art and cinema. In the context of miniature, mist is a plane of imagination for the reading spectator. The interaction of mist and text throws the spectator into the “soft space” and refers him back to himself and to his recollection. (Vera Tollmann, Geometrie der Interdisziplinarität, 2009).


Until today Miniatures have been staged in 1) Steirischer Herbst, Graz 2006 and 2) LISA lieve(s) in Kikker, Utrecht 2007, 3) Sophiensaele, Berlin 2008, 4) De Appel arts center, Amsterdam 2009 5) Stuk, Leuven 2009 6) De Appel arts center, Amsterdam 2010.

“een voorspel” Arts Center De Appel, Amsterdam 2010

6. “een voorspel” Arts Center De Appel, Amsterdam 2010

software: Benjamin Scheers
technique: Mark Jansen
assistance: Myriam ten Have
coordination: Marie Urban
performers: Anne Breure, Pablo Fontdevila, Noha Ramadan, Hendrik Willekens.
helpers: Truus de Boer, Liesbeth Beneder, Milou Daniels, Lonneke de Groot, Annette Hildebrand, Kim Van der Heijden, Bart van Leeuwen, Petra Ponte, Rob Ritzen, Sara Spoelstra

5. Lecture: The Manifold (after) Lives of Performance, STUK Leuven 2009

Arts Center De Appel, Amsterdam 2009

4. Arts Center De Appel, Amsterdam 2009

software: Benjamin Scheers
technique: Mark Jansen
music: Coordt Linke
performers: Noha Ramadan, Pablo Fontdevila, Aimar Perez Gali, Bojana Mladenovic

Sophiensaele, Berlin 2008

3. Sophiensaele, Berlin 2008

texts: Régis-Marie Berrek, Lars Frers, Friederike Jehn, Monika Rinck, Hannes Schneickert,Magne van den Berg, Robert Woelfl
software&technique: Martin Schneebacher
Assistance: Marie Urban
performers: Joyce Dietrich, Katarina Eckold, Sandra Herrklotsch, Dorothea Hermann, Sophia Mühling, Eva Priyanka Wegener, Andreas Rutkowski

Lisa live(s) in Kikker, Utrecht 2007

2. Lisa live(s) in Kikker, Utrecht 2007

Lisa live(s) in Kikker, Utrecht 2007.
text: Monika Rinck
software&technique: Martin Schneebacher
performers: Andreas Bachamair, Sarah van Lamsweerde, Katerina Dietzova, Anne Rooschüz, Joa Hug, a.o.

Steirischer herbst, Graz 2006

1. Steirischer herbst, Graz 2006

text: Monika Rinck
software&technique: Martin Schneebacher